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Circus Review

Delhi has a plethora of hangouts with good food and ambiance, but eventually it all dissolves into one huge swamp many others like it. However, there are a few those truly do stand out and charm their way into our hearts, tummy and livers too! One such place that has made a cozy nook in our hearts is Circus. A quirky hideout amidst the bustle of South ex this new kid is an absolute riot! With a pleasant mix of childhood memories and delectable cuisine, this funhouse is spread over three floors with bright colors, crazy chandeliers, funhouse mirrors and three different types of open seating. A huge wall painted circus poster style, circular rings lighting the area, and a well-stocked colorful bar brings out the theme pretty well. Music also plays an important part in maintaining the overall feel, with a mix of pop songs that span different decades. Circus1   The moment you step into this place you are transported to the good ol’ childhood days when the circus came town and left you in awe every single time. Juggling between a menu of over 300 dishes being served and a busy bar concocting fusion cocktails

this place reaffirms a sense of whimsy. Circus3   We started with ‘The clown’s pride’, a refreshing blend of Earl Grey, fresh mint, and lime with JD, ‘Joker No. 7’, a unique blend of fresh mint, mandarin, angostura bitters and a shot of Jack Daniels. Next, we ordered the quintessential Palak Patta Chaat, hitting the right notes. The Classic Vada Pau that came laced with that fiery red chutney and the Andhra Mutton Pau which completely blew us away with its interplay of flavors. To end the parade we tried the mutton ghee roast with Malabar Paratha, slow cooked for two-three hours giving it that succulent and delicious flavor. The experience left us wanting more of the deliciousness. We are going to make another visit to Circus very soon because this one is here to stay! Capture  

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