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Disco Singh’s Vodka Momos | A Quick Bite at Amar Colony Market

On a rainy August evening with a major momo craving, we found ourselves at Amar Colony Market waiting in line to try the famous ‘Tandoori Momos’ at Hunger Strike.

Tandoori Nights

Despite the rain, Hunger Strike was pretty crowded and kinda chaotic (it didn’t help when people drove their scooties right till the counter to place their orders)

We ordered a plate of ‘Chicken Tandoori Momos’ which cost us Rs. 120 for 8 pieces. And the momos lived up and even exceeded the hype! The nicely charred tandoori momos were swimming happily in a shallow pool of creamy gravy! (it reminded us of Aslam Chicken Corner at Jama Masjid) The combination was amazing!! #JaiVeeruTypes

tandoori momos_Delhi_NCR_AMAR colony Market_where to eat_Food_street food_city guide_best Momos_Hunger strike_lajpat Nagar_foodie

Hunger Strike did satisfy our momo craving but it also multiplied our hunger quotient.

Trying our Luck (Now) with Kababs

Keeping with the GoBuzzinga spirit of trying out new things we resisted (though very tempted) ordering another plate of Momos and decided to try out the Lucknowi Tunday Kababs from next door. We ordered the special combo. Priced at Rs. 200 the combo consisted of four Tunday kababs and two paranthas.


As expected the kababs can’t be compared to their Lucknowi counterpart, but after the initial disappointment the Kababs really grew on us and we throughly enjoyed our meal.

Chaar Momo Vodka Kaam Mera Roz Ka

We were pretty full and ready to leave but out of the corner of our eye in the distance we saw a sign with ‘Disco Singh Kababwala’ on it. Now such a cool sign deserves our attention. We went to investigate and discovered a curious ‘Vodka Momos’ on the menu.

20150819041639 (1) Singh_tunday_kababs_lucknow

Despite our stomachs protesting, we knew we HAD to try them. Without any hesitation, we ordered a plate of ‘Chicken Vodka Momos’ (priced at Rs.150).

We had low expectations, because more often than not cool-sounding-exotic combinations tend to disappoint. Our order arrived. Eight pieces of Momos, drowned in a gravy and vegetables (maybe Amar Colony doesn’t have the concept of dry momos)

20150819041645 Singh_tunday_kababs_lucknow

It surprisingly was awesome! You could get a taste of vodka and it went well with taste of chicken (who knew!)

Though it was a pretty messy affair with the gravy, disintegrating momos and tiny wooden fork/toothpicks, our curiousity and taste buds were more than satisfied. On asking the owner where did the vodka go in the recipe, he revealed that when cooking the gravy instead of water they used vodka!

After finishing, we also realised we were slightly buzzed. That’s right, it’s possible to get drunk on momos. We don’t recommend driving if you’ve had more than 2 plates down! #DontMomoAndDrive #JanHitMeinJari

It would be unfair to compare the momos of Hunger Strike and Disco Singh, they both offer different things and we love them both!

Concluding a successful trip to Amar Colony with an interesting new discovery that will live in our hearts and livers forever.We’re certain we’ll be coming back for Momore! #AmarRaho

Do you have any unique things for us to try out like the Vodka Momos? We would love to hear from you!

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