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Yeh Dil Mange Momos – India’s 1st Momo Festival | The Journey


Just go with the Flow (chart) You can click on the image to enlarge it
The decision wasn’t easy! We only had 10 days to pull this off! With no experience in organising something of this scale, no momo vendors and no venue, all we had was a team with a vision to make something big and a lot of virtual support from the Delhi Momo Lovers! #GameOn Click here to see the blog post on how we discovered “Vodka Momos”


Now how does one approach such a daunting task – you start with a list! After a marathon brainstorming session, we produced a mega list of everything that we could have possibly needed for this event -prospective venues, permits required, availability, cost, event management companies, types of momos available in Delhi, their prospective momo vendors, collaterals/ merchandise (print-outs, t-shirts, menu cards, banners), marketing plan (online, offline), entertainment for the event (music, street art), overall logistics; everything was categorised and prioritised with a plan B and C. Everything was equally important; it seemed we didn’t have enough hands or time to do everything! But “no” was not an option. #SuperHeroModeActivated The days started by meeting @10 AM in the morning. We distributed the tasks and went our separate ways. 100s of phone calls a day, a lot of coordinating, reviewing momos and venues, convincing momo vendors, finalising the collateral designs, lunch/ dinner (if we got a breather), meeting again earliest @1 AM to discuss the progress of the day and then spend a few hours after prepping for the next day. Some of us had traveled the length and breadth of Delhi 4-5 times during those two weeks, hunting for momos and other things . We were sprinting a marathon. #BhaagMilkhaBhaag It was an emotional roller coaster, we were fluctuating between despair, panic and sometimes small bouts of joy whenever there was a positive. There were many rejections, but the few wins made sure we were progressing! The small wins have never been more important. Our venue was finalized on 30 September (4 Days before the Festival). Our 15th and final Momo Vendor was finalized on 02 October (2 Days before the Festival). We were taking a huge risk in terms of money, effort and time for something we didn’t know how would pan out! All sorts of media was reaching out to us.. and we were overjoyed to see our first article in the Hindustan Times! HT CITY With all this media attention, we saw our Facebook attendees number grow by about 50% in the last two days before the event. Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.13.10 pm


Even after spending the whole morning setting up the venue and coordinating with the vendors, we were just about done at noon when people started trickling in. And very soon they were pouring in! The last minute media coverage really made our estimates go for a toss. We were prepared for about 3-4k people, for the whole day! By 3 PM, we had already exhausted our stock that was supposed to last the day! The bigger brands managed a continuous supply of momos, but some of our vendors were forced to take a break to replenish!

There was a phase in the afternoon when we were just in awe of the crowd there. It was momo madness! We had to be on our toes and make some really quick decisions to ensure things didn’t get out of hand like deploying more clean up staff, stopping coupon sales for an hour to buy time for vendors to restock, changing the position of the water table that was creating a bottle neck etc. #AllHandsOnDeck Luckily, it panned out well. We did not give up, we did all in our capacity to replenish the stocks. Soon, 13 of our 15 vendors were back on track and resumed sales, and the festival madness took a soothing and calm turn. With some great live music and the cool evening breeze, happy faces and the smell of fresh momos created this amazing vibe and it all started to feel worth all the effort! There was so much love and everybody was praising the initiative and the variety of momos available. 🙂 10945794_537984736360514_477241879692937273_o 12140171_537983203027334_5396122271714793856_o 12091282_537982489694072_8633809081159501020_o Click here to see more pictures of the fest! The satisfaction of pulling off something so big in such less time was overwhelming! Here are some Fun Facts!!
  • We made a total sales of approx. 10 lac/-. Some of the vendors individually made sales worth more than 1 lac/- 
  • Our chuski and lemon soda champ made sales of 40k/-. with a smile he crushed ice all day, without a break 
  • Our vendors literally worked for 8 hours straight 
  • Some vendors shut their main outlets and got all their momos to supply the festival 
  • Keventers, our milkshake partner, shut down their stall from another festival to go all out at Yeh Dil Mange Momos 
  • We had 15 different kind of momos from all over Delhi! There are more varieties available out there and we hope to catch ’em all for the second edition of Yeh Dil Mange Momos 
  • The event was covered by more than 15 media houses 
  • We hadn’t slept for more than 25 hours in those 2 weeks
  • The GoBuzzinga team lost a combined total of 11 kgs while organising the fest #YDMMDietPlan



This was GoBuzzinga’s first big event. Thank you Delhi for showing up and making it a huge success! A big shout out to all our vendors – their innovative, yummy momos and tireless effort is what brought so much joy to so many people! And of course, to all our friends and family who have supported us to help get this festival on its feet, we will be eternally grateful. The event has been an a great learning experience and has left us with new insights of so many things! We have come out much stronger as individuals, as a team and as a company!

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We hope to keep delighting Delhi with more fun and innovative events to experience the best there is in our city! As they say, all is well that momos well!! ☺ The event was inspired from GoBuzzinga’s theme of helping discover the best that is there to be experienced in our city! You can discover the buzz around you, be it street food, shopping or events on our android app! We would love to get your thoughts on it. Click here to download the GoBuzzinga App!    

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